A couple of questions

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Well hello there! Today we're taking a little time for a teeny blog post, answering two main questions we've encountered lately.


Those who follow our brand for a little while will know that some of the items are gone before you can count 10 red cars on the street ( totally did that in childhood). Some of you are left wishing and not getting. We are ( a little ) sorry.
Well, here's the thing. 
We spend a lot of time giving high fives to the sewing machine ( it's almost like being in a ''crazy cat lovers club'' ), but even we go out to do some shopping. 
Our ''brainless'' shopping days are left behind us - and do you know what hurts conscience the most these days?
It's being able to get EVERYTHING, for the crazy cheap price that leaves you with not very pleasant questions in your head.And, nonetheless, ending up with lots of things you don't really want, but bought them anyway because who could say no to that cheap price.
 Furthermore, that feeling seeing 9 in 10 wearing the same thing- have you ever felt it? Yeah, it's not the kind of feeling that makes you particularly happy.
Being able to get everything results in this :HOW MANY?
We don't believe or think of 'taking over the world'- there are already giants that did that- and one of our dreams is to be able to stay a brand that offers limited items. 
Have you ever noticed how much the parents, grandparents value their things? They do so, because they used to stand in lines for hours and sometimes wait for months to get something. And getting it wasn't easy.
Not getting it easy means you will take the effort to appreciate it and take care of it. And that's something our items will really, really enjoy! After all, we are delicate!We'll love to be held in your hands while being washed and not being rushed to dry.


We know real well that sometimes when you shop you don't have the time to go through everything on the website- after all, how many of us take the time to read terms and conditions, right?
In fast moving lifestyle we all expect everything quick and right now.
But with us you will have to relax a little- we make things, and making takes time.
We work really hard to make sure all orders are made within 5 working days once they are placed, and within 7 working days if it's a busy time.
And if we're on the move and can't take orders or ship them, we will make sure to let you know.
Thank you for supporting handmade.

Have more questions you'd like to be answered? email us: hello@feiminn.com

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XO , see you soon!