A Weekend In Paris

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Collecting moments.
And while doing so, wearing something red, accompanied by denim.
Red definitely goes well in the city of light and love, and denim- well that is a type of a thing that goes everywhere and with everything.
A moment we have collected: winding a music box in the sheets of a Parisian bed and knowing that time can stop, even if not for long.

With Love from Paris.


Friday, 27 January 2017

We love hearing (& seeing) from our customers.When you see that customers have got a collection going on, it's really sweet on the heart! Here's a little thought from Tiggen, we're very pleased to be  in her list of independent lingerie creators - her full blog can be found HERE

Feiminn are one of the first lingerie companies I discovered through Instagram and I instantly fell for their beautifully designed bralettes. They add that extra touch to your outfit, making you feel beautiful and sexy before you even finish getting dressed. Although there are some colourful pieces most of the lingerie is black, which needless to say I love. Their bralettes are extremely delicate with lots of appliqué and lace detailing used throughout many of the designs, however with the elastic underband they remain supportive. Feiminn are also very helpful when it comes to ensuring that you get the perfect fit as their size guide is easy to follow and you can always message them if you’re uncertain. All my Feiminn purchases have made wonderful additions to my lingerie collection and I will continue to buy from them in the future.

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XO , see you soon!

Lingerie Storage Ideas We Love

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lingerie... a thing that, for some girls, you just can't have enough of.
And to admit it, as having a lot of it, it can get pretty messy and hard to find when in need!
Having something as delicate as lingerie you need to make sure you take the best possible care you can, for it to last long time and keep your parts company day in / night out.
This not only means taking care of it while it's getting washed, but storing it too.
What is your favourite, or best way to deal with lingerie and it's storage?
Here are some ways we really, really love!


Suitcases are not only great for travel, but for hiding and keeping your favourite things ( be it chocolate, books or lingerie).
We swear, next time we find some of these, we are getting it!
And round ones are such heartbreakers too!

Well now if you own crazy amounts of lingerie, we think this would be too amazing to have! Some draws for lingerie, gowns and even perfume or make up, and you're a girl in paradise!


And something pretty simple- you don't even need to buy it! There are so many ways to re-use the boxes you already have. Check out some of these amazing boxes covered with fabrics, and you can make some great little box projects using wallpapers, magazine cutouts, old postcards- you name it. It feels great to have DIY fun, as well as being friendly towards nature by re-using.

Awesome, right? Let's get organising ourselves girls!

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Kittens Dance With Their Claws Out

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Hey 2017!
Now that the fireworks went in to the silent mode...
We hope you are ready for new targets you've set for yourself this year and that lace you wear will help you achieve some of them ( confidence begins from underneath; underneath your skin, underneath your clothes).
Our first steps in to 2017 were greeted by this gorgeous lady in black ( Ausra )wearing Koture Bralette, and we say that is a pretty good way to start swinging in to 2017.
What else we swing to these first days of 2017? Check our first playlist this year.

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