Sunday, 15 May 2016

A little while ago we have shot a young lady by the name of Angiee. It was, for a change, a sunny Saturday afternoon in London and Angie has shared her body and it’s art with us. Working with a brand that has begun from the basics, a la intimates, it’s obvious that you have to show a lot of yourself and there’s no room to hide. Though publications such as fashion magazines are overloaded with woman’s body images and nudity, for us, every single body we get to shoot is a very special body and beautiful in it’s own way.

In between the images we got to chat with Angiee and it came to the question of ‘’ so, do you visit home often?”

‘’Yeah…but not that much.

Reasons? Stereotypes.

Unfortunately, these things are still present, placing things in to space with four walls must be something that a human being will never truly dis-learn.  Which raises a question; will we ever come to an agreement of who’s too thin or too fat? Who is ‘’just right’’? What is beautiful and what is ugly?

Honestly, doubt it here. We’re all entitled to an opinion and to our own taste for things. History proves one thing: we agree to disagree.

In a still young online presence we have experienced virtual bullies that have stated that having a flat chest makes you a man.
Extra curves make you ugly.
                    ‘’ You should eat a burger’’
and so on.

We agree to disagree.
(And block you for being a bully. Nobody likes bullies. Not in this castle.)

After the shoot with Angiee, we got to look in to this and check what is out there and how other individuals struggle and deal with their experience of being not like ‘’you should be’’ and how different is the idea of what you should be to be beautiful, and the lengths we’re ready to go to achieve that.

We came across this short documentary by i_D magazine that has really caught our attention due to it’s controversy.

We’re spending more and more time judging each other by the outer shelf and forget that there is still something to care about on the inside.
That no matter if your skin is pale or covered in blue.
That no matter if you were born this way or sculptured by the doctors.
If you choose to stay the way you are or visit a Botox specialist every 6 months.
If you’re on a diet or you live as you please.

None of these things matter if you can’t maintain a beautiful soul and you turn your back on your health.
What’s the use of your beauty if your mouth spills dirt?

Angiee, by ADAM MELA, in Feiminn. BEAUTIFUL.