Supergirls Just Fly

Monday, 1 February 2016

One late evening, while browsing through another Spotify playlist I've discovered a very loved, yet a little forgotten song, an old classic, that will always be at the top lines of THE all time favourite songs.
 When I've heard it the first time, it was a perfect song. It stays perfect to this day.
I've created a girl,my own kind of Super Girl,she was never a Marvel type of girl, but a girl very close to the Earth she walks and deals with. 
We all have a song ( or a few) we like to sob to when we feel weak, and when in need to remind ourselves that we, girls, can really do this, and this song was just that.

And one thing you learn in life: even though the lyrics say ''Super Girls Don't Cry''... it's absolutely OK if you do. You can still be a SUPER GIRL.

Supergirl PETRA with ADAM MELA
Wearing Feiminn

You can tell by the way
She walks that she's my girl
You can tell by the way she talks she rules the world

You can see in her eyes that no one is her Chief

She's my girl my Super girl

And then she'd say it's OK I got lost on the way
But I'm a Super girl and Super girls don't cry
And then she'd say its all right I got home late last night
But I'm a Super girl and Super girls just fly