Time for Lace?

Monday, 13 February 2017

Time time time.
Everyone keeps an eye on time. 
We surely do- timely order fulfilment and shipping to the new owners is very important to us - and from now on doing this will be so much better with our friends at Jeanle Watches.
People write poems and songs about time, and we can tell you right away, if we'd have that artsy drive for writing, we'd go all nuts for this beauty 'Dark Rose Marble'.
Not only it fulfils our all things marble crush, but it goes amazingly well with our bralettes! We absolutely adore combining them with this timely beauty, and collaborating these details together gives us a great base for any outfit. 

''One glance is all it takes to be mesmerized by the darkness of the dial which fills your soul with a luxurious sensation.'' - Jeanle Watches

Jeanle + Honey Bee Set